Our Mission

World Theatre of Children is dedicated to educating children and youth in the fine arts of theatre and communication skills, as well as familiarizing them with world cultures through mythology, folk tales, fairy tales, and history and themes of current events such as bullying and social media safety, among others.


By exploring the stories and histories of the many world cultures they will develop insights about a global world in constant change.


Children and Youth will have the opportunity to develop creative expression, self-esteem, relationship skills, group dynamics, teamwork, community commitment, work ethic, and professionalism in artistic projects.


Plays written for children and youth to perform will be presented in educational and professional venues. Workshops will be conducted in public and private schools, mental health agencies, and in public forums.


Our teaching methods and goals will be consistent with the teachings of non-violence, conflict resolution, and healthy interactions between different socio-economic and cultural groups.


Issues important to the development of healthy individuals will comprise the main themes of our work.


We are dedicated to the theory that children and youth should be able to enjoy professional and informal opportunities to perform and work in the theatre through local theatre companies specifically designed for the child performer and artist as well as other children.