What We Do

We employ theatre arts to teach children and youth how to be confident communicators
as well as fine artists.


Our training is a synthesis of Expressive Arts such as Acting, Dance, Movement and Vocal Production. We teach children and youth the fundamental components of communicating and interpreting emotional and physical messages from others. The foremost experts in physical and emotional message reading skills are in the Expressive Arts.


Our Acting Techniques are culled and synthesized from many of the top acting coaches and actors in the history of the craft including the work of Constantine Stanislavsky, Richard Boleslavsky, Jerzy Grotowski, Viola Spolin, George Morrison, Uta Hagen Kay Carney, and Sanford Meisner, among others. These leaders in the craft have set the stage for expansions and refining of their own efforts.


Since healthy and appropriate socialization begins with the ability to read, interpret, express and self-monitor emotional and physical messaging, The World Theatre of Children is the ideal place to perform with skill and make friends, improve confidence in communication, and build healthy relationships for success in personal and professional communications.