Lindsy Ray  is a talent director, coordinator and hiring professional in the Delaware Valley region, expanding into the United States.  For 12 years she has worked with actors, models, dancers, and other industry professionals of all ages as their coach, talent agent, and booking coordinator.  She spent two years working for Model Management Agency, a full-service model/talent agency in the PA/NY region representing over 450 talent professionals and over 2,000 production clients.  From a young age, Lindsy studied multiple forms of dance technique including Ballet, modern, tap, and jazz.  She performed with a professional dance team in 2007, spent various year modeling and performing around NY, PA, & NJ as well as in Florida.  Since 2012, Lindsy has hired hundreds of talented artists for events, productions, and shows, and has launched hundreds of new talent careers with her company Lindsy Ray Talent LLC.  Today, the Lindsy Ray brand is known for their fastidious work ethics in launching multiple positive campaigns, productions, and talent brands while following and implementing the principles and foundation into every talented professionals repertoire with whom they represent.

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